Being a Yoga Teacher

I must admit when I started yoga I wanted to be or do the items listed in this article:

Top 10 Myths About What the Requirements are to be a Competent Yoga Teacher These Days:

Now that I have practiced for a few years and obtained my yoga teacher certification, I only meet two of these requirements. Funny, though, when your outside looking in, one can get these perceptions, but once you are in the world of yoga, and truly embrace it, what was once important no longer matters. Truth is truth.

OM Shanti – Namaste



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4 comments on “Being a Yoga Teacher

  1. They might be the top ten myths but sadly enough, almost all successful yoga teachers fulfil these requirements…

    • Thank you for your comment. I think it depends on what one considers “success.” There may be varying degrees of success. For some the ten myths apply, for some they are irrelevant. To each their own.

      Namaste, YogiMeditator

  2. I agree, I know a great many yoga teachers, many have taught for years, only 1 has been to India, most of them are fit, but not skinny, so I think like you its about what you consider successful. The only yoga teachers that might fit all 10 are the ones choosen by Yoga J to be on the cover, and thats a very small percentage of the instructors world wide.

    • Thank you for your comment. The ten myths does make me wishful and it gives me ideas such that should if my circumstances warrant and my resources are sufficient I can pursue to embellish my yoga journey.


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